[ Grandma Dallas's Funeral ]

Well, I just returned from an overcast mid week trip to the Mid-West - Xenia, Ohio. I found out more about my family and its history in three days then I have know in my whole life. Sad to say I haven't know my extended family all that much, but we were brought together this past week to bury my Grandma. Miriam was not the cuddly snuggly grandma type. She was a hard working, survivor - having lived through the Depression and WWII. She was generous with her time and money. She cared about others and had a heart of service. She always was the greatest hostest with the mostest.
Hearing stories of her life having grown up in Xenia was rich. How she fell in love with my Grandpa (whom I never met as he died before I was born - a POW in WWII), worked in the family restaurant - Geyer's. How she got to rub shoulders with Colonel Sanders, Dave Thomas, and other notables (Bob Evans) back in the day in the restaurant business. My grandma was a wise woman, strong and willing to risk when needed. She was a savvy investor, and always had a leery eye on stocks and the weather.

Life taught her that.

I love and miss my Grandma. She was always a support to me in whatever I was doing. She would help pay for new running shoes in high school and college and made it out to one of my college meets along with My great Uncle Bud and Aunt Jane. She loved to play cards (she was a shark) and laugh with us kids. Her stories and mannerisms will be missed. Love you Grandma.

Below is a documentary look into the happenings of the past week for me. Enjoy.
In memory of my loving Grandma.

- Steve

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  1. Beautiful story; and documentary of your week. Thank you for sharing.