[ Mazda + Neda ]

We had the honor and privilege to shoot our first Persian wedding. Mazda and Neda were married in Tucson and had a beautiful day. These were some bridal/groom photos we made with them. Thank you Mazda and Neda for letting us capture your day and all that it held.

[ Chickidees ]

Here's to the Chickidees!


[ Tom Yeakley ]

Fathers. This is my (Steve) dad. He came to town this week for a leadership leader development symposium. We took some headshot for him to use in the future. I was glad we got to see him teach and we lived it up together. Thanks for all the love dad.


The many faces.

[ Lukas + Mandy = Miles ]

We had the pleasure of shooting the first month anniversary of little Miles life! He put up with us running around and snapping photo's for a few hours. He is a trooper. Mandy and Lukas are the loving parents of Miles and are an extremely talented and gifted couple. Their love for their new born son comes through in each shot. It permeates these lovely photographs - making our job easy. Thanks for the blessing and fun to shoot your family. We had a great time!

Thank You for enjoying our photo's.