[ Album ]

Well today we have an example of a recent album we created. Luster pages, embossed printed names on the side with silver foiling and genuine leather front and back hard covered album. This is what you can expect when ordering a fabulous wedding album from us. Take a look and let me know what you think.

And as always we saved the cutest models for the last shots : )


[ Merdeka CD Mailer ]

As you can tell we have been busy building up our MS brand. We took it one step further with our CD Mailer setup. For this solution we used an enclosed stock CD/gift card holder. Again we went with a stamp system with an orange pigment ink for address labels, plus a sticker for the back to keep it held together. We wanted to include a fun way of saying thanks and have a little hand written note to whomever it is going out to, so we came up with a Merdeka thank you card. Our discs have were screen printed and we wanted to have our sparrow logo have a little more personality. He now knows how to say "Thanks." Maybe in the future we can teach him other sayings...we'll see.

[ Jason + Becky ]

Well here are some fun family photo's of Jason and Becky at the park a couple of weeks ago! Enjoy.

[ MS Letterhead ]

I am proud to announce our new letterhead system is now in use. For those paper nerds and designers out there, we went with a 100% cotton 30gsm paper with this really great texture that matches our sweet business cards with envelopes to boot. We came up with a stamp system with pigment die that matches our orange (PANTONE Orange 021 U) and then classed it up with a custom cut logo embosser to give things real established feel for our clients. Enjoy the shots.

Thanks for enjoying with us our new letterhead system!! Woot Woot!
More to come.


[ 20's Birthday Party ]

Well what a crazy weekend. Thanksgiving came and went and we had the awesome opportunity to shoot at Stormys' Murder Mystery birthday party. Everyone was in costume and well... I will let the photo's tell the rest of the story.

Thanks again to Krista over at A Joy Forever for the invite to shoot.