[ Coffee Table Book ]

Hey all, we just got in our latest coffee table book from a wedding we shot recently. Asuka Book makes a lay-flat design that we gave a whirl and we were not disappointed. It comes as a hard back with dust jacket and a silver embossed hard slip cover. Feels quality in your hands and the printed pages are nice, thicker matte finish that don't leave any pesky finger prints. Over all we would give it an A+ for our coffee table book! Check it out -


[ Corban + Byron ]

My two awesome little nephews Corban & Byron! They are some of the coolest kids I have ever met. They have some serious dude-'tude, and have such zest for fun in their young lives.
Love you guys!
Uncle Steve and Aunt Hannah

Team Merdeka

[ Mark + Trish ]

We did a very mini-shoot of Mark and Trish, but came out with a great couple shots!
Thanks Mark and Trish.


[ Button Family ]

Well we did it again. Another family shoot full of fun shots! We had a blast shooting Erika and Todd, as well as Alissa and Oscar (the cute doggie). Tucson Botanical Gardens made us forget for just a little while that we live right in the middle of the desert, with its lush GREEN-ness (technical term). We had a great time and loved the shoot. PS - its fun to take snaps of our friends.
Steve's Favorite Shot:
Hannah's Favorite Shot:
The Rest: