[ Andy + Kellie ]

We love to shoot our friends weddings! Andy and Kellie  - You guys looked great and we had a great time meeting your families and capturing some really awesome moments...our best wedding yet! A new thing we are doing here at Merdeka is to have a favorite shot of the wedding from Hannah and Steve. So be on the look out for more favorites to come!

Steve's Favorite Personal Shot:
Hannah's Favorite Personal Shot:

Plus a few more...

Andy and Kellie - you guys looked so great on your big day. Thanks for letting us capture some great moments. We love you guys!


[ Caleb + Oneida ]

Caleb and Oneida's wedding...was really fun and totally poured the whole ceremony! They were such troopers and had good spirit's throughout the day. As the inevitable rain came to soak their ceremony they chose to turn it into a blessing as a picture of God's love showering them. Pretty awesome.
PS - 150 people huddled under three little pop-up tents and a gazebo makes for a memorable affair : )


[ Ron + Tamaki ]

It has been waAay to long for an update on recent happenings for Merdeka Studios! We shot Ron and Tamaki's wedding months ago on January 17th!! Congrats you two. Hannah and I really enjoyed shooting your big day. It's always fun to bless friends and be included in the behind the scenes action. 
PS - I (Steve) was sick the day before and had a killer headache all day so I am so glad we pulled it together to have a great shoot!

We had a great time! Thanks Ron and Tamaki.